Textile reinforcements in composites play a decisive role in all mechanical and physical parameters. These parameters are related to manufacturing processes, the properties of the different structures of materials and the materials themselves.

The current design mode of textile fiber reinforcements is as follows:
 Unidirectional / weaving / knitting: 2D, 2.5D, 3D / Braiding;
flat or circular // Knitting 2D or 3D in volume but not in thickness.

These methods do not offer thickness except in the case of assembling by sticking, sewing, riveting ......with a risk of delamination.

To avoid these drawbacks we propose a really three-dimensional knitting: 3D volume with weft insertion.




Our textile know-how combined with the mastery of vision systems allows us this technical process. With this technique we propose the realization of structures of very complex shapes on several thicknesses and density close to the final shape without cutting or addition.

This process offers a flexible but thick material offering physical and mechanical capabilities that may interest:ballistics, sound insulation, clothing for protection against knives and splinters during explosions (combinations).
The possibility of making NIDA spacer on the skins are integral with the cells.